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Welcome to William's Cigars, Dallas, Texas
    Cuban Born - Cuban Trained  Master Cigar Roller
"Cuban Owned-Cuban Operated" Cigar Shop



Having a Wedding ?, a Golfing event, a Corporate Event,. a Birthday, or just need to celebrate.
Have a genuine Cigar Roller at you event.

We do not just send out a roller, but we conduct an educational experience where your guests can ask questions and learn about the process.

DFW Master Cigar Roller  Dallas Ft. Worth and beyond




All work is performed either by our selected roller or by our Master roller and owner William Rodriguez.

Mr. Williams, also known as "Sr. Havana", owned his own cigar factory in Cuba and has over 18 years of experience.

In addition to the above, we can create your own blend and can also set up "at your location or event".


William Rodriguez
(William Rodriguez Canet)

Master Cuban Cigar Roller


          In 2010, Mr. Rodriguez came from Havana, Cuba, leaving behind his own cigar factory. Mr Rodriguez is from Marianao to be exact, one of the 15 municipalities in Havana.

          He is considered a “master” roller in the industry and in the top 20% of all Cuban cigar rollers. He has over 17 years of experience in the industry and has gone through rigorous training and apprenticeship programs in Cuba, including the famous Cohiba factory. He surpassed all requirements.


          Mr. Rodriguez is qualified to build every shape and size customary to the Cuban cigar industry, as well as, custom blends native only to his repertoire.


          One could say that Mr. Rodriguez has a “PhD” in cigar building. There are about 600 master rollers in Cuba. From this group of Master roller, about a third are specifically chosen to participate in an even more elite training program. He is part of that very elite group that can build cigars completely by hand. He now brings his expertise to us so we may enjoy a unique cigar experience.



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